Prepare your home to sell in 2024

Posted on: Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Prepare your home to sell in 2024

The process of selling your home involves more than just placing a "For Sale" sign by your front door. It's a strategy consisting of presentation and preparation that can significantly impact the success of your property sale. As homeowners embark on the journey of selling their properties, the importance of first impressions cannot be overstated, this article looks to support you in enhancing the marketability of your home and ensure a smooth and successful selling experience. 


An enthusiastic greeting  

Making your home look appealing at first glance is important. Your buyers know that it’s the first thing they will see when they return home, so the feeling has to be good. Heal any scars with paint, get rid of any weeds, hide the bins, and take a step back and have a good look at your home from across the street or the end of your front lawn. Does your fence or wall need some attention? 


The little things that make a big difference  

The little things that make a big difference

Walk from room to room in your home, perhaps using the camera on your phone to create a list of those things that need attention, such as small blemishes. Placing yourself in a potential buyer's shoes and then adding a few details, such as a vase of flowers, creates vibrancy. Now that you have hidden away the unnecessary items from kitchen work surfaces or the dining room floor, your home will suddenly appear more attractive. 


Create an outdoor space with a view  

For most buyers, it’s as important as any room in your property. And when combined with a view of a beautiful garden, your home will sell itself. Your garden reciprocates any love you show it in spades. So, trim the grass, get rid of the weeds, and apply a splash of paint where needed. But also dress your outdoor space with lighting and outdoor candles. A good tidy-up and simple arrangement of the things you already own will encourage buyers. 


Flaunt your home's features  

Your home could be hiding some glorious original features. So don’t conceal them

Your home could be hiding some glorious original features. So don’t conceal them; celebrate Victorian tiling, a feature fireplace, or a beautifully designed staircase. These features do not have to be particularly old. Modern features such as a charging point for an electric car, smart technology or skylights are just as impactful.  


Choose your estate agent wisely  

After going to all this effort, you need a discerning estate agent to capture the beauty of your home with superb photographs. Not only that, but your agent will need an impressive marketing strategy to take your home from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold’! Choosing a Guild Member ensures you instruct a best-in-class estate or letting agent with an array of tools at their fingertips and a national network to assist you with your onward property journey.


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