Student Concierge

Marylebone and its surrounding areas are home to some of London’s finest universities, from LSE, London Business School, Regents University and Westminster University.

Whilst most universities will provide some form of campus or off campus accommodation, many students in London and their parents are left swimming for themselves in the independent rental sector and are left to navigate all the challenges of organising references, deposits, set up new bank accounts, register for council tax and utilities, as well having to decide where are the best places to rent for the budget and more importantly where to avoid.

Student Concierge provides a safety net for overseas parents and their children, a point of contact for both advice and assistance in navigating all the hurdles of relocating to London, including specialist property search, guiding students through the whole spectrum of finding accommodation suitable to their needs, including the following support services:

  1. Property Search: including personal search, negotiating rental, advising on tenancy agreements
  2. Opening bank accounts
  3. Setting up : utility accounts ,council tax, internet, mobile phone accounts.
  4. Arranging Furniture Rental where needed.

The above services are available for the fixed fee of £1500.

We also offer a premium service with all the above, but with the benefit of a 24/7 Support Line, giving parents the peace of mind that there is professional advice and support to assist their children in their absence.

Our team in includes lawyers and property management professionals who have between them 60 years of experience.

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